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A partnership with Adnitor can be as flexible as your KPI-driven IT requirements need to be, with our drive, agility and proactive co-management forming the backbone to our progress together.

Configuration Awareness

Building the complete picture with our discovery phase is essential to establish the current state; what is working, what isn't. We define and monitor for resilience and future growth:


We discover and build a live asset database of IT hardware and software.

Configuration documentation

We form an understanding of how everything is constructed, and the fabric between all the configuration items / assets.

Define the runbook

We illustrate how your IT system is operated on a day to day basis.

IT Management processes

We define procedures for core business asset management, such as new starters / leavers, access and security changes.

Vendor and supplier relationships

We map out 3rd party vendor activity, establishing where there are overlaps or gaps, and defining service level agreements (SLA’s) that support your business needs.

Continuous IT Improvement

Advanced tools used to deliver the Co-Managed service are extended to our customers so they can benefit from the best of breed service management platform:

1 | Service Review

  • Review business services and infrastructure services on a regular basis.
  • Improve service quality where necessary.
  • Identify more economical ways of providing a service where possible.

2 | Process Evaluation

  • To evaluate processes on a regular basis.
  • Identifying areas where the targeted process metrics are not reached

3 | Definition of Initiatives

  • To define specific initiatives aimed at improving services and processes.
  • Based on the results of service reviews and process evaluations.
  • Evaluate whether initiatives are either internal initiatives pursued by the service provider on their own behalf, or initiatives which require customer cooperation.

4 | Monitoring

  • To verify if improvement initiatives are proceeding according to plan.
  • Introduce corrective measures where necessary.

Co-Managed Solutions

Adnitor Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITS) differs from the traditional IT support service many Managed Service Providers offer. Our new approach is completely customer focused, driven by joint continuous improvement activities:

IT Management Platform

Advanced tools used to deliver the Co-Managed service are extended to our customers so they can benefit from the best of breed service management platform:

Professional Services Automation

  • Helpdesk
  • Change Control
  • Process Management
  • Asset Management
  • Service Reporting

Remote Monitoring & Management

  • Proactive Endpoint (PC, Laptop) & Server health monitoring
  • Patching, software control & diagnostics
  • Energy consumption & usage reporting
  • Remote Support

Infrastructure & Network Management

  • Visual Network Mapping
  • Network Traffic analysis
  • Fault finding & alerting


  • Automated & manual documentation
  • Secure password management
  • Auditing & versioning

Modular Services

  • Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Event management (SIEM)

Dashboards & Reporting

  • Live system & service
  • For use by the Internal IT function & senior management


Working as one starts here.

Discover how the Adnitor Co-Managed IT Service can work for you.

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